Natalie Doef in her sunny plant filled apartment Natalie Doef in her sunny plant filled apartment

How this Ontario home was transformed into a green paradise

Natalie Doeff has created the most Instagram worthy plant apartment. Follow her journey to learn more tips on how you can do the same.

Meet Natalie Doef and her Insta famous apartment

Natalie is a social media influencer and she has taken home inspo to a new level. Her love for interiors, plants, light continues to have us all in awe. We chatted with Natalie about her sun-filled boho apartment in Ontario, Canada and here's what she had to share.

Natalies living room full of plants and soft sun
Natalies apartment kitchen featuring pothos plants

What inspired your plantiful space?

I take inspiration from everything around me and I love to repurpose items in creative ways. Nothing gets me more excited than a trip to the thrift store or flea market, I have found my favorite planters at places like these. Another big part of my inspiration is my fellow plant enthusiasts, I love seeing all the unique ways they style their plants in their own homes. Lastly, I love the outdoors and I try to bring as much of it inside with me as possible, nothing compares to an atmosphere surrounded by plants.

Natalies bedroom full of plants and a huge bedside monstera

How many plants would you say are in your collection?

My collection consists of 84 plants! There have been times when I had over 100 plants, but I had to dial it back and give some plants away to friends and family, haha! One of my favorite plants is my Polka Dot Begonia, I was so hesitant to buy one but it has been growing so well. A few of my other favorites are my Dogtail Cactus, Silver Pothos and String of Hooks.

Rustic kitchen table with plants and minimalistic decor.
Vintage vanity with plants surrounding it and a Himalayan salt lanmp.

How do you go about choosing the next plant to add to your collection?

When it's time to add to my collection I like to factor in the time of year. Because it is currently Winter I try to avoid taking home any tropical plants which will need a lot of sun. It makes it easier for your plant to transition to your indoor space when you choose the appropriate plant according to the season. When Summer comes along I splurge on the sun-loving plants because I know I can give them the light requirements they need, and then as Winter rolls around the following year they will already be accustomed to my space. This tip has helped me tremendously when It comes to purchasing new plants.

Bathroom with shower running and both pothos and calathea plant inside.

Which spots in your home are your favorites?

Oddly enough, my bathroom is my favorite spot in my home. Introducing plants into your bathroom is a great way to elevate this area of your home. I'm grateful to have a bathroom with a window which allows a lot of natural light to spill in. The humidity and sunlight create the perfect atmosphere for my tropical plants and succulents. Another spot which I love is my vanity, it is surrounded by all my favorite plants which radiate the best energy while I use this space to create.

Plants found in Natalie's Apartment