The New and Best Way to Buy Houseplants

At Fleur & Co, we deliver our potted plants directly from our greenhouse, so they arrive in tip-top shape.

When you buy a plant online at Fleur & Co, it is delivered directly from one of our greenhouse delivery centers located in Mississauga, ON and Calgary, AB. 

Our plants are cared for by our team of plant experts and kept in tip-top condition ensuring that you only get the finest quality. At our greenhouse, we enrich each plant's soil and our plant experts ensure that our plants get the right amount of water, humidity and drainage. 

Furthermore, we take sustainable, low-waste practices at every step of our processes.

Fleur & Co vs. Big Box Retailers 

Your Houseplants Journey Home

When you go to big-box retailers, don't you notice that lot of plants look stressed, sad and are dying?
Here are some of the reasons:

Firstly, the plants face a long 2-3 week journey from the grower to a wholesaler or distributor before finally arriving at the retailer. During this time, the plant is exposed to temperature and humidity shocks. At the wholesaler, the plants are not treated to recover from this shock and are prone to further carelessness in handling. They are stored in boxes that do not receive light, water and care for days to weeks.When it finally arrives at the retailer, it is usually taken care by people who are not plant experts. Furthermore, they may be exposed to the cold drafts from open doors. 

We believe that buying and growing houseplants should be simple and fun and we're determined to make sure that every plant you get from us is shipped with the same exceptional level of care that we use when raising each plant here in our greenhouse.