Shipping and Delivery

How can plants be shipped safely? Plus Icon Minus Icon

We have done the test!

Our unique and sustainable packaging method ensures that your new plant babies will arrive safely. The plants get individually boxed or wrapped up in corrugated cardboard, tissue paper and craft paper. We then use recycled wood straw to keep the plants secure in the box.

We test our boxes by flipping them upside down to check that your plants don't move an inch!

Which areas do you ship to? Plus Icon Minus Icon

The good news is we ship to all major Canadian provinces!

Additional shipping costs may apply if you’re living in a remote area or territory, fill out our contact form if you’d like to request a shipping quote.

Note that we do not ship to PO Boxes.

When can I expect to receive my order? Plus Icon Minus Icon

In most cases, orders are packed and delivered to your doorstep within 10 business days.

Our fulfillment team usually packs the orders within 3 days. Following shipment, transit can take anywhere between 2-8 business depending on your location as well as your preferred shipping method.

Will my plants arrive healthy? Plus Icon Minus Icon

Plant health and safety are our number one priority! This is why we make sure your new plant babies get picked carefully, packed properly and shipped directly to your door.

For winter shipping, we use heating packs and insulated boxes to keep your package warm and cozy during transit.

Now, things do get complicated when there's a polar vortex or blizzard. At extreme temperatures, we may decide to hold your order and ship only once we feel that your plants can handle the chills.

Orders, Returns and Replacements

Do the plants come with the decorative pots shown in the pictures? Plus Icon Minus Icon

Unless specifically defined in the product description, most plants come in nursery pots and not in the decorative pots shown in the pictures.

Decorative & designer pots are available separately for purchase in our Pots & Planters collection.

What if I am interested in placing a large order? Plus Icon Minus Icon

No problem, we can make it happen!

For large orders (quantities greater than 25) consider corporate gifting or fill out our contact form.

What is your return policy? Plus Icon Minus Icon

Plants are delicate little things and while we try our very best to do the right thing, we may sometimes falter. In most cases, this is usually due to mishandling or delays from our shipping carriers. Regardless of the situation, we make sure to fix it. We are here for our customers and if your plants have arrived dead, we will gladly resend a new one or issue a refund.

Please reach out to our Customer Experience team:

Text: (587) 871-8380

What is your Green Rewards Program? Plus Icon Minus Icon

Thank you for being a valued customer and a member of our growing plant community!

We have launched a new Green Rewards Program for our amazing customers like you! 

How does Green Rewards work?

Earn credits with every order
Each credit is worth $1.
Use your credits towards your next order

How do I earn credits?

You earn 5% on every order
Example: $100 order = $5 credits

How do I check to see how many credits I have accumulated?

Simply login to your existing account or create a new account and you will see the "My Credits" section in your homepage.

How do I use my credits?

Step 1:

Log in to your account or create a new account with the same email you used when you placed your previous orders. Click the menu icon first on the top left of the screen and then you will see the account menu

Step 2:

Check your shopping cart! Your credits will be available to use

I changed my mind after placing my order. What to do? Plus Icon Minus Icon

We're always happy to help!

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns about an order you've placed.

We'll be happy to make any needed changes or updates before shipping out your order, but once it has been shipped, we can no longer make any edits/updates to it.

The plants I received do not look like the picture shown. Plus Icon Minus Icon

Even though we take photos of our plants in the most natural conditions, they will never look like the ones you see on our website, because plants are 100% natural products and will naturally have some variation. This doesn't mean the plant is out of shape or sick, it just means that all plants are unique and like people their individual beauty is expressed in different ways.

What happens if I miss my package? Plus Icon Minus Icon

We know how much you love your plants to be delivered to you and you don't want to leave them hanging in a dark box.

If by any chance you missed your package's scheduled delivery, the courier will leave a note with instructions on when and where to pick up your package.

Please note that packages not picked up from courier locations or returned due to incorrect address are not eligible for a refund.

Plant Care and Maintenance

Do I have to re-pot my plant once it arrives? Plus Icon Minus Icon

Generally, it’s best to repot plants during spring or summer to avoid stressing them during their dormancy period.

But if you think that repotting is really needed, let your new plant baby acclimate to its new environment first since your home’s light levels and temperate are very different from a greenhouse. Place the plant in the spot you plan to keep it in. Let it settle in for about a week. and once it has adjusted, you can repot it.

What type of soil is best for my plants? Plus Icon Minus Icon

The best potting mix for potted plants may vary slightly depending on what you are trying to grow. However, all quality mixes will be lightweight, fluffy and well-draining, and contain peat, coir, bark, perlite, or vermiculite.

Our tropical soil mix and succulent/cacti soil mix are great with peat moss and perlite combined with an organic growth enhancer that increases plants’ resistance to stresses.

How can I choose the right lighting for my plants? Plus Icon Minus Icon

Light is one of the most important factors in plant care, and choosing the right plant and where to place them based on lighting can be a bit intimidating.

But we’ve got your back! We have put together a comprehensive guide on what these light specifications mean and how to find this lighting in your space so that your plant babies can thrive. You can find it HERE :)