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The Plastic Recycling Myth

Our planet is in trouble. The plastic you recycle does not always end up reincarnated as a plastic bottle or napkin. Only 9% of it is actually recycled in Canada. Canadians produce 3.2 tonnes of plastic waste each year, and the vast majority ends up in landfills.

But your plastic isn’t always headed to the landfill down the road. It takes a voyage across the world to landfills in South Asian communities, eventually impacting their environments, food chains, and health.

We can no longer count on recycling to make up for the plastic we’ve used. The status-quo is simply unsustainable.

Breaking the Cycle

An Amazon package waiting for you at your doorstep adds a little excitement to your life… until you open it up and realize it’s a Russian doll of plastic packaging.

At Fleur, we do everything in our power to reduce our plastic footprint. We package your orders responsibly and we guarantee each item is wrapped in sustainably sourced paper and packaged in the correct box size. This will lower our carbon footprint and make recycling easier for you.

From there, we pledge to not only take this amount of plastic out of landfills and oceans but to take DOUBLE the amount out.

Our Plastic Promise

To fulfill our plastic-neutral promise, we’ve partnered with Repurpose Global – a social enterprise that removes and recovers plastics while improving the lives of underprivileged workers across the globe.

Repurpose Global builds ethical recycling ecosystems in developing countries and reprocesses the materials for reintroduction into the global manufacturing supply chain.

Remember the international trash dumping we mentioned earlier? To help take action we are supporting initiatives in Indonesia by employing and empowering marginalized waste workers.

Through this initiative we have committed to help remove 6,322 pounds of low-value plastic waste in 2021.

'co.' stands for collaborative

The 'co.'in our name stands for collaborative. Minimizing plastic consumption on our gorgeous planet is a tall order, and needs a collaborative effort from suppliers, partners & fellow Canadians to get there together.

Through our mission, we hope to inspire positive change that creates a ripple effect inspiring action for generations.

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