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Create a Kitchen Garden Oasis

We are sharing 10 cool and inspiring kitchen designs that feature lights, plants, and storage like you’ve never seen before!

The kitchen was once a purely functional space, but in recent years it has become an extension of the living room. 

A beautiful kitchen is inviting and plants can help make your kitchen a joyful place. Who wouldn't love some extra company from these green friends when you are cooking!

Beyond beauty, plants also add social value. Whether you are chilling out with your friends or having a quick bite to eat, plants create an ambiance that only nature can provide.

kitchen plants
Photo Credits to @wilder_eden_design_company

Today, we present a list of kitchen ideas that will make you look twice or even thrice!

1. Christy Nicole @christynicoles

2. @gardeningnewbee

3. Bloomscape @bloomscape

4. 🌿 S I M O @thewhitehoneyhome

5. Stupid Egg Interiors @stupid_egg_interiors

6. Ogreen @ogreen_plants

7. The Watering Vine @thewateringvine

8. JANINE @j9s_jungle

9. Megan @megancrawshaw

10. @mypdxhome

Ready to spice up your kitchen with some plants?