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How to Create an Intentional Plant Care Routine

Use these tips to not only keep your plants healthy and happy, but to create time for yourself as well.


Caring for plants has the power to bring us closer to ourselves. Slowing down, taking moments to check in with how we are doing while caring for our houseplants as well.

One of the most fulfilling rewards of being a plant parent is to see them thrive, grow, and give you love right back to you. Plants need the right care to do well, and there is beauty in ritual and routine. Creating a meaningful and accessible plant care routine can give you moments of peace, clarity, and connection. Plus, your plants will be happy!

Here are some easy ideas to create a fulfilling routine for plant care:

Mornings with your green beauties 

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Taking time in the morning for yourself is a great practice, and it is a perfect moment to incorporate plant care. Brew a coffee, play a gentle playlist that makes you feel good (the plants love music too!) and take some time to observe your houseplants. Check for new growth, pay attention to any changes. Enjoy presence of your plants, breathe deep, and take in the moment.


You can use this time to mist them for added moisture, wipe the leaves with a microfiber cloth, and remove dead leaves with clean, sharp shears.

Bath Time

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Create a block of time to give your plants a good soak. One way to integrate it with your own self care routine is to have your own bath (Include epsom salts, bath bombs, candles) or long shower, and bring the plants into the bathroom to soak in the steam and humidity. After you drain your bath or tub, you can then put any movable plants in and either sit them in water to soak from the bottom or a thorough soak from a showerhead. 


The more you discover each individual plant watering schedule, you'll know which plants to water and when. This can be a healing and soothing practice for both you and the plants.

Dance Party

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Create a playlist that is dedicated to you and your plants. Turn up the volume, check their moisture levels, and look for new growth, and water when needed. 

You can enhance the vibe of your space with a disco ball, candles, incense, and whatever else will help you feel easeful and free

Are you a new plant parent or want to add some more to your collection?