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What Water is Best for My Houseplants?

What Water is Best for My Houseplants?

Knowing what type of water our plants enjoy is an important part of being a loving plant parent, and with this easy guide you can feel confident knowing how to provide your houseplants with the water they love.


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Here are different types of water you can give your houseplants:

Tap Water 

The most accessible form of water to give our houseplants, and despite the bad reputation, with the right preparation most plants will be totally fine with it. 

There are two things to keep in mind when using tap water for your plants:

1. Temperature: Ensure that the water you are using from the tap is room temperature or lukewarm. This will prevent the roots from being shocked. 

2. Chemicals: Canadian tap water is treated with chlorine, which many houseplants are sensitive to. Let the water sit out for 24 hours before applying to your plants so the chlorine can dissipate. 

Tap water houseplants


Rain Water/Melted Snow

This is the best source of water to use for your houseplants, however it may not be as easy to collect depending on where you live. If you are able to, collecting rain water for your plants is great because it is free, natural and loved by indoor and outdoor plants alike.

In the winter, collecting snow to melt and use for your plants is a perfect and easy source of water that your plants will adore!

Rain water houseplants

Distilled Water

A boiling process has removed any chemicals to create distilled water. This water is great for plants, but does not contain any healthy minerals so ensure that you are properly fertilizing your houseplants. You can purchase distilled water at your local grocery store or boil tap water and let it cool.

Watering houseplants tap water

Aquarium Water

If you own an aquarium, use the dirty water after cleanings on your houseplants! This is one of the best sources of water for your beautiful plants—rich in nutrients, healthy bacteria, and chlorine free! This is the number one choice for plant water if it is accessible to you (think of it as luxury spa water). 

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