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Live your Boho Dreams with Romalyn!

We can all be fearless when we find our own unique style - the kind that feels connected to who we are and what matters to us.

Meet our awesome thrifter, entrepreneur, mama of three, plant mama of many & BOHO QUEEN Romalyn Alpaz @bohome.plantry

Romalyn is truly a beautiful and creative soul. She believes that our home is an outward expression of our vibe and a place of retreat from the rest of the world.

She is here to encourage us to create a space where we can slow down and do something meaningful. She wants us to dream, and fall in love with the space we live in so we can connect with ourselves and our loved ones.

Her work is able to touch us on this level because it is passionate and authentic. 

She is committed to inspiring us to feel more alive when we walk into our homes (with plants of course), so we can better enjoy the things that truly matter.

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Let's get to know Romalyn on a deeper level.

1. What inspired your plantiful space?

My husband and I were both born on a beautiful island in the Philippines and since we haven't been back to visit in over a decade we wanted to bring the tropical vibe into our home. What "boho" is here is what we call native style back home. It just gives us a warm feeling of comfort and peace to be surrounded by familiar tropical plants and native items like rattan, bamboo and woven items. 

Our plantiful home is an outward expression of our love for our birth place. 

2. What spot in your home do you feel most comfortable in, and why?

My favourite spot is my plant room also known as the "plantry". It's kind of like a pantry full of food but, plants! This space is my small oasis, reading and writing room and where I cherish the stillness in everyday life. I love drinking my morning coffee there, meditating and soaking in the sunrise before my children wake up. My plants thrive so well and love the big windows! 

3. What kind of plant parent would you describe yourself as?


When I first became a plant mom I was constantly obsessing over them. I would check on them almost every hour to see if they were ok, my husband would make jokes about how I might get sleep deprivation haha! After I overwatered a few of my new plants I learned to care for them in moderation. Now I would say I'm not just a plant mom, I'm a chill plant mom. I view my plants in a different perspective, they are reminders of how patience and trusting the journey is important to thrive. I now lay back and watch them grow at their own paces but caring along the way. 

4. How did you first develop your love of plants?

My husband was actually the one who got me my first plant! One day in early 2020 he came home from work with a fern and a joy sparked inside of me. A week later I had purchased 5 more! My husband custom handmade some plant shelves and planters for me and by Summer of 2020 they were filled. My plants aren't rare or expensive but the joy they bring to us and our home is priceless. 

5. What is your favourite plant and why?

My all time favourite plant that I own is my birds of paradise. Not only is it my largest plant but one of my firsts. I purchased her when she was in a 6" pot and two years later she stands at 9 feet tall! I would love for her to bloom and finally boast a flower, crossing my fingers it happens this summer!

6. What is your best plant-care tip?


My only tip is to enjoy the journey! Don't feel bad if you've killed a couple of plants, don't be so hard on yourself. There are different kinds of plant parents but we all share a sense of appreciation and awe for what they bring to our lives. Being able to grow our own plants is an experience we can all treasure. 

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