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Designer's Secrets: How To Style Your Houseplants Like A Pro

We all want our homes to look inviting and stylish. With just one plant, you can make your place feel like a whole new world.

We all know how important designer cushions, rugs and tables are for making our homes look warm and inviting, but plants often get a raw deal. They’re the focal pieces that people buy last because they’re so used to them being good for the home and health but finding one that satisfies these criteria can be tricky. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are still varieties that thrive on their own. And even if you add them in as a matter of decor, styling them like an interior designer is an impressive skill to master. 

This article will give some real-life inspiration and tips to improve your houseplant styling.

Check out these 5 Plant-Styling Tips to Make Your Space a Dreamy Oasis

1. Don't crowd the space in your home with lots of furniture. Instead, fill empty corners with plants.

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Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. If you feel like there's something in your room that is lacking, take a few minutes to grab some plants and try it out! It's hard to go wrong with plants in any room of your home.

2. Buy planters that fit your personality.

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Investing in a few high-quality planters to match your décor can change any space's vibe. Not only will it give you a pleasant, homely feeling once you get your plants into the new planters, but it will also make the room feel more complete and modern. It’s important to remember that while those ‘depot diggers’ may suffice, for now, investing in high-quality vases keep you from needing to replace them in the future.

3. Decorate your shelves with plants

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Decorating a bookcase, shelf, tabletop or mantel is an effortless way to bring new energy and vibe into your space. If you ask anyone who has mastered the skill of arranging a “shelfie”, you can guarantee their formula involves at least one plant. Adding little pops of living elements to shelves makes a huge difference.

4. Maximize vertical space with hanging plants

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The possibilities are endless with hanging plants. Add some greenery to a loft, a foyer, or an empty corner. It's the no-maintenance, low-effort way to add instant style to your home without taking up too much space.

5. Play with texture, shape, color and height

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Grouping plants together — even if they are from different types and families — can actually enhance your space.