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Design your Dream Space with Taryn

Taryn is all about making your space beautiful and welcoming. Her design skills and taste make her an invaluable asset for any interior designer.

Say hello to this fabulous mom, wife, interior decorator, stylist, entrepreneur and creator Taryn Falconer.



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Taryn knows how important it is to make your space reflect who you are. We admire her so much because she helps people find ways to create the home they've always wanted and to turn any idea into reality. 

What makes her a good interior designer is that she brings perspective to every client she works with. Not only does she bring expertise from years of hands-on experience, but she also uses that knowledge combined with her dedication and passion for design to understand exactly what you want to do for your home, what works best for your budget, and how it can be made in the most efficient way possible. 

Let's get to know Taryn on a deeper level.

1. How did you get into creating home-styling content?

I have had a passion for design for as long as I can remember! It all started when I was a little girl, rearranging my bedroom on a regular basis! Spending hours colouring and crafting! Then I went to school for design and worked in an industry where I could be creative everyday. I have always decorated my home and done DIYs but when covid happened I really felt like I needed an outlet. Something for myself where I could share my passion and design projects with others. So I started my IG page @tarynfalconerdesignstudio and started sharing the things I had been doing behind closed doors all along! This platform gave me a way to share my passion and promote my decorating business, but quickly I realized that it was so much more than that! I have had the opportunity to connect with a whole community of amazing people and formed friendships with others who love home decor and DIYs as much as I do! 

As my account has grown it has also given me the opportunity to work with some amazing companies like yours! What a dream!

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2. What spot in your home do you feel most comfortable in, and why?

My favourite space in my home is my family room! Why, because it is where I spend so much time with the ones I love most! Not only is it a beautiful space (light, white and bright). But it has an oversized sliding door which provides so much natural light. I have a gorgeous view of all our lush, green gardens and trees. Inside we are surrounded by so many beautiful house plants. Not only is this one of my favourite looking spaces but so many amazing memories are made here! It truly is our “family room” and there is nothing I love more than that!

home with plants

3. What advice would you give to a first-time home styler?


- Create a space you love.

- Surround yourself with items that make you happy. 

- Forget what’s trending, forget what’s popular. 

I think a home/space should reflect the people that live in it. A couple tips I would share when styling a space is don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures, it adds interest! And of course, don’t forget to add greenery (plants) for pops of colour! When styling with accessories use different heights, create groupings and try to stick to an odd number of items. Ultimately whatever space you are styling it should be styled with items you love!

home with plants

4. How did you first develop your love of plants?

I have always loved decorating with greenery, there is just something about plants that add so much life to a space! Not only are they beautiful but they just make me happy! I started with one and then it quickly became an addiction! As I learned more, I realized that different plants help with different things. Different plants work in different spaces. They are pretty incredible!

Can’t stop won’t stop lol

home with plants

5. What is your favourite plant and why?

This is a really hard question to answer because I love all of my plants and for different reasons! I will say I love a good Snake plant, they grow upwards in such a unique shape. They are low maintenance so this is definitely a plant I would recommend to someone who is just starting their collection and not sure how they’ll do caring for a live plant. They also work so well in a room or corner that doesn’t get much natural light. Recently I have really enjoyed watching my Fiddle Fig grow, seeing the new bud appear and slowly open up with a beautiful new green leaf every couple of weeks is so exciting! There is just something really rewarding about caring for a plant and watching them thrive! They truly are my babies!

home with plants

6. What is your best plant-care tip?


I think bringing a plant home and letting it adapt to its new space is important (then you can go from there). 

I have brought home a plant and noticed it wasn’t thriving the way I knew it could be so I changed its location and then watched it bloom! I really think it’s important to try different areas in your home and see how a specific plant does there. Another great tool I found is a water meter, this has really helped me know when my plant babies need a drink (just to make sure I am not over or under-watering them). Sunday is watering day at my house!

Nothing better than plants!

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