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These Wall Gardens Will Restore Your Faith In Nature

These days it’s hard to find natural beauty amidst all the concrete, but thanks to this wall-garden trend, that’s all about to change.

Plants are nature's air purifiers. They are also healing and calming to look at. But most of us live in cities where there is very little greenery. That's why we should bring plants into our homes, and what better way to do that than with a plant wall?

Plant walls are the next big trend in interiors.

Vertical gardens have been around for a while now, but the options now are so advanced and easy to install that anyone can create an indoor jungle. And all this while being eco-friendly! 

plant wall

In an effort to make urban areas a little more livable and green, these plant walls are helping to restore your faith in nature

We've rounded up the most creative, innovative, and genius plant walls that will inspire you to get crafty and build your own one!

1. Meg @meginwonderlnd

2. Kennedi Shaw @kennedisuecreative

3. @modernterrariumbar

4. Jeannie Phan @studioplants

5. Heidi @mycrochetjungle

6. @ecovibestyle

7. Annie @claycollectionco

8. @felinejungle

9. @plantstodo

10. CASS @stumblinggrace

11. @wall.decor_ideas

12. @chameleon_new_age_salon

Trailing plants are best for plant walls!