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Refresh your Home Office With Some Greenery

Sometimes adding plants could be all you need to transform and refresh your home office.

No matter how big or small your home office is, it can always use a little pick me up.


and sometimes adding plants could be all you need to transform and refresh it!

Plants in the office help increase concentration and productivity, reduce stress and improve memory. Although they aren’t necessary to run an office, they can certainly help create a better working atmosphere.

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This isn't just a hunch. Multiple studies have shown a connection between plants and productivity, partly because they make your work environment seem more alive and partly because they release chemicals into the air that improve mood and help concentration.

We've rounded up some of the best plants for home offices to inspire you.

1. @garden_streets

2. Jennifer @jcdesign1.1

3. Simo @thewhitehoneyhome

4. Emily @mylushabode

5. Rachel @rooms_byrachel

6. Chevonne @thiswellplannedlife

7. Saskia @saskiatabea

8. Helen @homewithhelenandco

9. Marieke @whisperingbold

10. Soozi @soozidanson

Time to decorate your home office and feel more inspired and productive!