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Inspiring Canadian Indoor Jungle That Will Make your Jaw Drop

Top picks for Canadian indoor jungles that have left us in awe 😮

The average human spends 90,000 hours of their life indoors! That's a lot of time that could be spent enjoying the great outdoors. So why not bring some nature inside, and create your own indoor jungle?


With little more than some plants and strategically placed lighting, you can enjoy the sight of a flourishing garden while you're at home. Plus, it's not just good for the environment — indoor gardening is good for your mind too!

Here are some Canadian indoor jungle accounts that left us in awe.

1. @torontoplant.girl

2. @dorringtonr

3. @earthlingdeena

4. @ashas_ivy

5. @abodemyhome

6. @styledby.rhonda

Cheers to a beautiful, cozy and inviting home with plants as our favourite decorative element.

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