Deena shows off one of her favorite plant Deena shows off one of her favorite plant

Meet Plant Influencer, Earthling Deena

Plant expert and influencer, earthling Deena is taking the plant world by storm with her creative and educational content.

Meet houseplant influencer Deena Stahl

Deena holding an alocasia regalshields  plant

Earthling Deena has taken the world by storm with her plantiful Instagram and local biz readysetknotco. We had the pleasure to become good friends with Deena back in July of 2021 and recently asked her a few questions about her plant journey.

What inspired your plantiful space?

I have always loved plants and have watched my grandmother and mom take care of them growing up, but only really started to build my indoor plant collection when Covid-19 hit. Being stuck inside full time during quarantine, I wanted to liven up my space and thought plants would do just that! I didn’t have much of an idea of how I wanted it to look, but the greener the better!

Deenas plant shelfie
Philodendron brasil plant

How many plants would you say are in your collection and which are your favorites?

I think I have around 60-70 plants now! My favorites are my Hoya Krimson queen, Syngonium Maria and Syngonium Pink, Philodendron Brasil and Aglaonema Silver Bay.

Mini monstera plant in a female figure planter

How do you go about choosing the next plant to add to your collection?

Since I have so many plants now, I really want to start adding ones that I really can’t stop thinking about. I will add them to my wish list and wait until I can find a good deal or get them conveniently.

Deena holding her donkey tail plant from Fleur & Co

Which spots in your home are your favorites?

I love putting plants everywhere in my house so that I have green everywhere I go. My favorite space though is my home office/plant room, where I have my big plant shelf and desk, so that I can look at my plants while I study all day.

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