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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Plant Shelfie Insta-Worthy

The plant shelf is a functional piece that adds a WOW element to any room.

A plant shelf is a great way to show off your miniature jungle and offers a surface for plants and can be both decorative and functional. It also works beautifully as a room divider or focal point — especially if you have a plain wall that needs a little something extra to give it character.

plant shelf

A plant shelf has 2 main kinds:


A freestanding shelf that sits on the floor or tabletop with legs and a wall-mounted shelf is mounted directly onto the wall. The latter is especially good for small spaces, as they don't take up any additional floor or tabletop space compared to a typical vase.


We personally like the simplicity of wall-mounted plant shelves because they're always at eye level. Plus they give you a new place to hang some artwork.

Follow these 5 simple steps to make your plant shelfie insta-worthy:

All you need are some cute planters, pots and plants of different heights and a shelf of course!

1. Make a statement shelf behind the couch

2. Create a theme.

3. Mix with books or other decorative elements.

4. Keep it clean and not too cluttered.

5. Incorporate different textures

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Ready to build your own plant shelfie?