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3 Ways to Get Started with this thing Called Plant Parenting

If you want to be successful at plant parenting, the number one thing is to learn as much as possible about plants.

Plant parenthood is a beautiful, endless journey filled with a lot of learnings along the way. If you are curious about getting started but feel intimidated by the journey, then fear not.

Here are 3 ways in which you can make your plant parenthood journey simple and easy on yourself.

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1. Build your plant collection slowly

If you are just starting out, keep it simple. Build your collection with low maintenance plants that need little to no effort.

Plants like Monstera Deliciosa and ZZ Plant, need almost little to no attention and they can thrive without frequent waterings (every 2 weeks). It's almost like cheating! You can build a gorgeous jungle without the effort.

2. Make it fun and vibrant with pots, planters and decor

Who doesn't love decorating their homes? Pots are like Clothes. You can have fun decorating and trying different combinations of pots and plants while also experimenting on how they look within different areas of your home.

3. Ask for help

We are here to help and make your journey easier for you. Think of us like your fun planty friend next door. When in doubt just shoot us a note and ask us a question.

Don't be intimidated by plant parenthood. Just get started and you will see how fun and addicitive the journey will end up being.

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