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Ficus Altissima

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Plant Size Guide (❔)
Plant & Pot Size Guide

Houseplant Size Guide

By default, all our houseplants come in recyclable nursery pots. Whenever we say 'Plant Size' we are referring to the diameter of the bareroot soil.


Choosing the Right Decorative Pot

When it comes to choosing the right decorative pots, the general rule of thumb is to select pots sized between 0.75 - 1.5 inches more than plant size (diameter). This ensures that the roots have enough room to grow for atleast a few months after which you may need to repot into a bigger pot.


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Ficus Altissima is an absolutely stunning variety of Ficus featuring variegated leaves with lemon, lime, and dark green colors. These impressive markings on the leaves are similar to rubber tree leaves (another plant in the ficus family).

She is an excellent air purifier, so keeping her in your home has the added benefit of cleaning your air.

Plant Size

4-6 inch standard plastic nursery pot. 


    Like any other ficus, she will be happy with bright, indirect light. Direct light will cause some of the leaves to burn and not enough light will result in dull colors.


    Water when the top two inches of the soil dry out. Check the moisture levels by sticking your finger into the soil. If your finger comes out pretty clean with just some dry dirt, it’s time to water again.

    Plant Specific Care

    She enjoys warm temperatures and won’t tolerate the cold. Ideally, you should maintain temperatures about 60 – 68 F (16 – 20 C).

    She prefers a humid environment, but too much humidity will encourage disease. Keep her close to other humid-loving houseplants to create a humid microclimate.

    She doesn’t need to be fertilized, but she won’t grow as fast if you don’t feed her. Encourage even growth by fertilizing her at half the recommended strength with either a slow-release fertilizer three times per year or with a diluted liquid fertilizer once a month during the spring and summer.

    Pet-Friendly Plant


    This is a Plastic Negative Product

    This means for every ounce of plastic in this product, we’ll remove twice that amount from oceans & landfills.

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