Care guides and plant tips and tricks Care guides and plant tips and tricks

Care Guides

Stay in the loop with us as we share care guides and lifestyle tips for your plant babies!

low-light houseplants

10 Best Low-Light Plants

Plants that brighten up the dark corners in your home.

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Croton Mammy Plant in a white pot.

How to Grow the Croton Mammy Plant

Simple ways on how to care for your Croton Mammy plant.

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Chinese Evergreen up close. Notice the detail in its leaves.

How to Grow The Chinese Evergreen

She is a low-maintenance plant that every Canadian plant lover needs in their home. Here are some tips to keep her thriving!

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plant care routine

How to Create an Intentional Plant Care Routine

Use these tips to not only keep your plants healthy and happy, but to create time for yourself as well.

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Watering can about to water the plant on the table.

What Water is Best for My Houseplants?

Plants have preferences of water just like us! Find out what water is best for your beautiful houseplants effortlessly with a look at this article.

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