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How to Grow The Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen up close. Notice the detail in its leaves.

The Chinese evergreen is a low-maintenance plant that every Canadian plant lover needs in their home. Not only do they look eye-catching and elegant, but the care they need is simple and minimal. 

Chinese Evergreen in a pot

This Chinese Evergreen is a plant that with the right care, will thrive in your space. 

Use these tips to keep your Chinese Evergreen healthy and happy:


Avoid direct intense sunlight. They can do well in most other lighting, is shade tolerant and will thrive in bright, filtered sunlight. 



Water thoroughly when the top 1-2 inches of soil feel dry. Remove any excess water that drains from the bottom of the pot. 


Temperature and Humidity

Chinese evergreen are sensitive to cold, so keep them away from places with a cold draft. They love humidity, and do well by a humidifier or the bathroom. Mist your plant throughout the week for added humidity.



House in well-draining soil, in a pot with drainage holes in the bottom, thus allowing your evergreen to breathe.


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