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5 Important Tips to Care for Your Monstera Deliciosa

Meet the Monstera deliciosa: one of the most popular house plants among the Canadian tropical plant community. Check out these 5 care tips for your Monstera.

Meet the gorgeous Monstera Deliciosa: one of the most popular house plants among the Canadian tropical plant community—and for great reason! Known for its stunning large leaves that split with natural holes as they mature.

She is an excellent plant for a beginner. It's easy to care for and will add tropical elegance to any home or office.


Tropical plants are wonderful additions to anyone's home. They offer color, texture and variety to the decor, not to mention the occasional tasty fruit or flower. As with any living thing, proper care is necessary in order to maintain their health and beauty.

Check out these 5 care tips to help your Monstera Deliciosa thrive:


Water your Monstera once the top layer of soil is dry to the touch. Keep your Monstera in a pot with good drainage, and give the soil a soak all the way through when watering. If the leaves turn yellow or wilt, you may be over-watering your plant.


Your Monstera will grow more with bright indirect sunlight. Avoid direct intense sunlight to prevent burning the leaves. Rotate the plant often so all the leaves can soak in the sunshine.


The Monstera deliciosa is also known as the Swiss cheese plant because of its unique appearance.

The leaves on your Monstera love a good cleaning to allow optimal photosynthesis (plus their big leaves will look gorgeous and shiny for you). Mist and wipe the leaves with a damp microfiber cloth throughout the week. Check your Monstera for yellow or wilted leaves and remove them with a sharp pair of shears to allow the plant to focus its energy on the healthy leaves.


Help your plant grow tall with a bamboo stick or damp moss pole. For a more wild and downward facing growth, place your pot on a shelf, windowsill or plant stand to give your Monstera the space it needs.


House your Monstera in a pot with good drainage to avoid root rot and over-watering. Repot your plant once a year or if you see the roots overgrowing through the bottom. Repotting is best done in the growing seasons.


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