Meet plant parent Nia Louis Meet plant parent Nia Louis

Meet plant parent Nia Louis

You may recognize Nia from Instagram. She's truly a one of the most creative plant parents we know. With a massive collection of plants and endless plant comedy you won't regret following her journey. 😂🌿

We asked Nia about her plant parenthood and here's what she had to share.

💚 How did you become a plant parent?

Growing up I was always in the garden with my mom or friends parents. My babysitter was a plant parent and I loved the way her home looked. So when I moved into my own place I got a few plants, then a few more and a few more. Now I've lost track of how many plants I have! They give me peace.

💚What do you love most about plants?

I love the way plants look! All the colors, especially the greens make me feel connect to nature. Especially on cold snowy day,  they add a touch of happiness to my life. I can find a plant for any décor style! I also love that they clean the air, making my home feel healthier.

💚How do you feel about being a part of the plant parent community?

Being a part of the plant community has been wonderful. I have recently joined groups on Instagram and Facebook. I have met some amazing people with common interests. We share tips, products, and creative methods to better our plants. Its been great making friends with other plant parents in the community.

💚How has Fleur & Co. supported your plant parenthood?

Fleur introduced me to new plants/products that I now love and cannot continue plant parenting life without. Fleur makes it easy to get my plants, while supporting all of my plant parent needs. The team has also helped me grow my Instagram by reposting my videos which has been super helpful.

💚What kind of plant parent would you describe yourself as?

I would describe myself as a cool plant parent, not a regular plant parent. I make fun videos on Instagram with my plants, and keep up with trendy social videos. Even in my care routine I am very relaxed, I don't stress about yellow leaves, or dying plants. If they die, well it just means I can just get a new plant!

To follow Nia's plant journey, and to see more plantiful content check out her on Instagram @theplant.hvn