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Houseplants for Beginners: 3 Step Shopping Guide

new plant parent

We have all been beginner plant parents at some point, so if you’re feeling like a total beginner right now, and a little overwhelmed, don’t sweat it. It’s totally normal. But soon enough, you’ll be tending this new baby like a pro!

Here's our foolproof shopping guide for buying houseplants for beginners

1. Start with low-maintenance plants

Top 3 Foolproof Guide for First Time Plant Parents

When you're a beginner to plants, it's tempting to go overboard in starting your own indoor jungle. However, plants can come with work and maintenance. You may not know what to do when some plants die or get sick.

Instead, start with low-maintenance plants that are easy to look after. These types of plants are hardy, pest-resistant and don't require frequent waterings.

There’s no need to resist the benefits of plant parenthood by stressing about taking care of your plant babies. There are numerous low maintenance houseplants that are perfect for beginners.

2. Understand your space's lighting condition

Top 3 Foolproof Guide for First Time Plant Parents

Your home is your haven, and the plants you place in it are a big part of that. They offer not only a breath of fresh air to every room, but they also provide cleaner air and better health for you.

But lighting conditions aren't as easy to control as you might think. Learn more about the lighting needs of indoor plants so you can choose the best plants for your space.

You should consider the natural light your windows receive before deciding on which houseplants to bring inside. If you have a great light exposure and plenty of sunlight year-round, it's easier to grow some plants compared to others.

As a general rule, tropical and sub-tropical plants need bright, indirect light in order to stay healthy. They like to be placed close to a window or outside during the warmer months.

new plant parent

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Figured out your lighting? Now you are one step closer to finding your ideal plants.

3. Keep your fur babies safe

Top 3 Foolproof Guide for First Time Plant Parents

If you are a pet parent, there are a few things to consider. While many houseplants are safe for pets, some plants can be toxic while others can cause irritation and allergic reactions. The best way to keep your furry friend safe is by doing some research ahead of time and knowing what plants are off-limits.

How Fleur & Co makes it easy to find and shop the best houseplants for beginners

At Fleur & Co, we take the guesswork out of finding the best houseplants for beginners. As a beginner to houseplants, you can refine plants by maintenance level, light requirements and pet-friendliness.

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