Fleur & Co.’s Guide to a Perfect Valentine’s Date Night in Calgary (Yes, Even During COVID) Fleur & Co.’s Guide to a Perfect Valentine’s Date Night in Calgary (Yes, Even During COVID)

Fleur & Co.’s Guide to a Perfect Valentine’s Date Night in Calgary (Yes, Even During COVID)

It’s no secret that this Valentine’s Day in Calgary will be different from those of the heart-throbbing holiday’s past.

While we may be wearing masks instead of makeup, scrubbing our own hands before holding another’s, and staying 2-3 meters from everyone except for our lover, there are many ways to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. Yes, even during a pandemic.

To celebrate safely, we’ve rounded up 7 COVID-friendly ideas for the perfect Valentine’s date night in Calgary. While they don’t include fancy dinners or dressing to the nines, they do offer a chance to shake things up and reignite the flame between you and your partner.

Sound good? Take a read through to see what this Valentine’s Day has in store for you.

Our Favourite Calgary Date Ideas

  1. Clean up your local park

This year, give back to nature by cleaning up a park with your partner. You’ll show some love to your local Calgary community by picking up single-use products instead of purchasing them. Better yet, this activity is sure to fill both your hearts (and bags) with happiness. 

What you’ll need:

  • One plastic bag for garbage, one plastic bag for recyclables
  • Gloves or a pick-up stick
  • Possibly a mug of hot chocolate in case it gets chilly (or if you just love hot chocolate)

Here is a list of Calgary's parks so you won’t have to stray far from home. After all, home is where the heart is, so keep it clean with this fun Valentine’s Day activity.

Tip: if you’re looking to get away with your loved one, try getting out and exploring a new part of the city.

  1. Redecorate your home or office

As residents of Calgary are spending more time indoors with COVID, working together and improving your living space is a great use of your time together this Valentine’s Day.

There’s nothing like adding a little Mother Earth to your home to improve your mental health and well-being. Having plants in your home can create a zen-like feel and aesthetic. Plants also have a great reputation for reducing stress, tension, improving air quality, and decreasing background noise - all things we could use in our lives! 

Lucky for you, you can spice up your Calgary home while spending time with your person and some new plant babies: build a connection while putting together a succulent arrangement. 

The final touch? Your love!

Because you make a perfect pair, we created two options for you to choose from:

Whichever option you choose, building this kit is a surefire way to make memories and create an ever-growing reminder of how well you work together.

Before and After plants added to home decor

Photo credit: Modernize 

Home office redecorated with plants

Photo credit: Madness & Method


  1. Wine and paint night

COVID in Calgary doesn’t have to stop your wine and paint night. We think that terracotta pots are the new canvas! Pick a design or theme and custom paint plant pots to fit the aesthetic of your humble abode.

Besides, flexing your creative muscles and creating memories together just might be the best use of your time spent together this Valentine’s Day.

There’s nothing cuter than writing notes at the bottom of each other’s pots or adding your significant other’s favourite colour to brighten up your decor. So if you’re looking for a sign to get crafty and create something memorable together, this is it!

Tip: is there a certain place that has special meaning to both of you? Maybe it’s where you met each other or had your very first date. Bring this place back to life by painting it on your pot! Just decide on a scene, paint it, and trade pots.

Not in the mood for all the lovey-dovey stuff? We get it. (And we don’t blame you.) Good thing a custom painted pot is also an extremely cute and thoughtful gift idea for family, friends, and loved ones.

Hand painted plant pots
Hand painted pots
  1. Workout together

This Valentine’s Day, before devouring all the candy and chocolates that Calgary has to offer, try breaking a sweat with your significant other. Who knows, you might just become each other’s new favourite workout buddy!

Working out with your partner can yield great benefits for both of you, including:

  • Increasing how happy you feel about your relationship
  • Increasing romantic attraction due to the psychological arousal of working out
  • Heightening emotional attunement with one another by coordinating your movements (e.g., lifting in tandem or matching the other person’s pace)

Overall, working out together can increase the bond between your partner and you. Check out what Dr. DiDonato has to say about the benefits of working out with your partner. 

Tip: try these no-equipment workout ideas to get your heart pumping (with more than just love):

  1. Cook a meal together

We know that there’s no shortage of foodies in Calgary (us included). That’s why we’ll venture to say that cooking (and eating) is a fun (and delicious) form of teamwork. Moving around each other in the kitchen, working on communication skills, and sharing in the triumph of the finished product can bring you closer together than ever before.

If you’re both Thai food fanatics or if pizza is your go-to dinner for a night in, it may be hard to push your palettes to new heights. But the truth is, there’s nothing more romantic than talking foodie to each other.

You may think that we’re joking, but discussing and engaging in the sensation of food can stimulate your senses and open the door to many different topics. You may even learn a thing or two about the meals that are important to your partner and their family!

Tip: spice things up this year though and try a new cuisine. To help get you inspired (and bring out your inner foodie) we’ve gathered a few lists:

  1. Make your own chocolates

Instead of buying chocolates this year, make your own! Making your very own chocolates cuts down on single-use plastics by utilizing the items you already own. So give them something straight from the heart, instead of in the shape of one!

Even better, many studies have found that a little dark chocolate can go a long way when it comes to increasing happiness levels. Why? It contains serotonin, which is a well-known mood-booster and anti-depressant. And besides, what’s happier than making your very own chocolate creations with your partner?

Whether you’re a chocolate fanatic or if strawberry-vanilla is more your style (gasp!), here are some of our favourite recipes to spark inspiration for aspiring chocolatiers:

  1. Gift (or thinking of you) drop off

Whether they’re a family member, a best friend, or a beloved neighbour, let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them this year by doing a gift drop off.

Tip: their favourite foods, beverages or even plants are great gift drop off suggestions.

Inspired by Calgary residents dropping off Christmas gifts and simple reminders at each other’s doorsteps during the pandemic, we’ve created Moon Cacti and Succulent Bundles for your special someone – whoever they may be!

Which Valentine's Date Will You Choose?

While this pandemic has challenged us by limiting some of our favourite Calgary activities, it has enlightened us with ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in sustainable style.

Whether that means cleaning up your favourite park together, making your very own delicious chocolates, or dropping off a plant to show them that you care, this holiday presents a unique opportunity to create unforgettable memories. And who knows, maybe these activities will become your new Valentine’s Day tradition!

Oh, and be sure to check Government Alberta and City of Calgary COVID rules and regulations to ensure you’re following safety precautions.