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Enchanting Boho Interior Design Inspiration

If you love plants and boho decor, then you are at the right spot.

Most beautiful boho living spaces will sweep you up into a whirlwind of colors and textures. If you love bohemian decor then you are at the right spot.

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Let's talk about how to design boho spaces with plants.

You can find your zen wherever you go, even if you're stuck in the heart of an urban jungle. Why not let your boho home reflect that feeling? There are many ways you can decorate with plants to get a bohemian look. Let's take a look at some rooms incorporating such elements as furniture, houseplants, and accessories.

1. Hesti @hesti.novitadewi

2. Skye @skye_schutte

3. Natalie @nataliedoef

4. Orane @deco_orane

5. Sari @interiorsari

And that's where plants come in! The boho spaces above looked so alive with plants.

So whether it's a bit of greenery to brighten up your desk on a gloomy day, an air of tranquillity to balance out the chaos of life, or just a splash of fresh, vibrant colour for some instant eye-candy; there are plants here for you.

Ready to build your dream boho space? These items might help.