hard to kill tropical plants hard to kill tropical plants

4 Hard-to-Kill Tropical Plants for the New Plant Parent

Are you feeling intimidated by the tropical plant world? Want help choosing a plant that even the most forgetful plant lover can keep alive? Check out these perfect starter plants that anyone can keep alive.

Tropical plants are all the rage worldwide, and Canadians are taking this by storm. Becoming a plant parent may be intimidating—perhaps you have a history of killing every plant that you’ve brought into your home, or you are unsure if you have the right lighting.

We promise you, there are plenty of plants even the most forgetful plant lover can keep alive.

Everyone can have a green thumb. Choose the right plant that fits your space and lifestyle, and they will love you right back! We have compiled a list of low maintenance tropical house plants. These are resilient, beautiful and trendy tropical plants that will enhance your space.

Here are four tropical plants that are perfect for the new plant parent:

1. ZZ Plant


These gorgeous tropical plants are drought-tolerant, and essentially like to be left alone. They only need to be watered once the soil has dried, and can live in lower-light environments.



2. Snake Plant


Similar to the ZZ Plant, the Snake Plant does well when left alone. These types of plants only need to be watered when the soil has dried out.


3. Devil's Ivy

This is an easy-care plant that will give you lots of fast, visible growth. They are quite tolerate of neglect and are easy to propagate (so you can gift cuttings to your friends or add more potted plants to your space). If you forget to water them, they'll likely survive and bounce back after you give them a gentle soak.


4. Spider Plant


The Spider Plant is a perfect office or apartment plant. They thrive in small spaces and do not need a lot of maintenance to do well. Less is more with this tropical plant!


Remember: Progress, Not Perfection

We believe that everyone can be a great plant parent. Most importantly, be gentle with yourself as you go through the trials and errors of living with and raising them. Even the most well-versed plant parents have their struggles. 

If you have any questions, our team of experts is here to support you every step of the way!