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The ZZ Plant: A Beginner Plant Lover's Dream

The ZZ Plant: A Beginner Plant Lover's Dream

Are you looking for an easy plant to care for? The ZZ Plant is the plant for you. If you have ever uttered the phrase “I kill every plant I get...what do I do!”, we recommend adding this to your collection. Everyone can have a green thumb with the right plant!


The ZZ Plant, also known as the Zanzibar Gem, is the ultimate low-maintenance houseplant. While they are not indestructible, they require very little maintenance in order to thrive. Whether you are a beginner plant parent or have an indoor jungle in your home, the ZZ Plant is a must have for the home or office.

ZZ Plant Low Light

Here are three simple tips to have a healthy, happy ZZ Plant:


  1. Water them infrequently (err on the side of under-watering):

The ZZ Plant has rhizomes that allow them to go quite a long while without being watered. This plant is susceptible to root rot, so allow the soil to completely dry before watering. 


  1. Most soil is suitable

Most standard potting mixes will be great for your plant. Store in a pot with drainage holes to prevent root rot.


  1. This plant can handle most light conditions

While they will thrive in medium to low sunlight, the ZZ Plant is very tolerant of bright indirect light. Avoid intense sun to avoid burning the leaves. As long as there is some natural light, your ZZ Plant will be fine.


The ZZ Plant is a must for any plant parent, and a perfect introduction to the world of creating your indoor jungle. 


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ZZ Plant


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