String of Turtles String of Turtles

Canadian Plant Parents are Obsessed with the String of Turtles: Here's How to Care for Them

The String of Turtles is becoming a favourite in the Canadian plant parent scene. Learn Why

The String of Turtles, or the Peperomia Prostrata is becoming a favourite in the Canadian plant parent scene. 

These tropical Brazilian succulents are not only adorable, but simple to care for. Give them the right amount of love and they love you right back. These plants grow as trailers and will hang long and flow from your pot.

Plant Care Tips


In order to grow well, string of turtles need bright, indirect light that they receive either from hanging baskets or a windowsill to ensure that sure light reaches all areas of the plant. If given too much direct sunlight, the leaves will burn. However, if they are kept in too little light, they might stop producing new growth.


Turtle Plant (Chelonopsis) is susceptible to over-watering, but it also does not thrive on dry soil. To avoid this problem, water the plant until excess water runs out of the bottom of the pot. Make sure the pot has drainage holes. Then let the plant's soil dry out between waterings.

Soil, Temperature & Humidity

Use a well-draining soil potting mix.

This plant prefers cooler, more humid temperatures over warmer temperatures.

She thrives in temperatures ranging from 20 to 24 degrees Celsius. 

Increase humidity during drier summer months or winter by misting it or placing a humidifier around the plant. Just ensure that the leaves are not left wet.


These trailing plants have a design on the leaves that resemble a turtle shell.

The String of Turtles thrive in hanging baskets, terrariums, and also make a great desk plant because of their small size. For a textured, eclectic and eye catching look in your home, group the String of Turtles with other trailing string plants such as the String of Dolphins and the String of Beans.


Add a String of Turtles succulent to your collection today!