Top Tips to Care for Your Prayer Plant Top Tips to Care for Your Prayer Plant

Top Tips to Care for Your Prayer Plant

Prayer Plants (Maranta) are stunning tropical houseplants. Keep them thriving with this care guide!

Known for their distinguished and beautiful leaves, the Prayer Plant  (Maranta) gets its nickname name from their movement patterns . You’ll find the leaves laying flat (bowing) during the day and reaching upwards at night as if they are praying. 


Prayer Plant


These tropical plants need a specific environment to thrive. With the right care, your Prayer Plant will continue to spread and grow. 


Here are the top tips to grow your Prayer Plant:


The Prayer Plant grows best in bright indirect sunlight and is tolerant of lower light. Avoid direct, intense sunlight where the leaves will burn. 


Be diligent with checking the dryness of the soil—never allow the soil to dry out and avoid overwatering. While this may seem overwhelming, just pay attention to how quickly the soil is trying out, test it with your finger, and provide room temperature water as needed.

A good estimate is when the top 1-2 inches of the soil has dried.


Humidity and Temperature

Prayer Plants love a humid environment. Place your plant by the bathroom or use a humidifier to give them the moisture they need. Keep your home at a comfortable temperature (18-22℃).



Use a well draining potting mix for your Prayer Plant and ensure that the pot has a drainage hole at the bottom. They love a slightly acidic soil and a good trick is to add some black tea to the top of the soil once a week.

With the right love, care, and attention, you can have a thriving Prayer Plant that will look stunning in your space. 


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Prayer Plant