pothos plant pothos plant

Pothos Plants: Everything You Should Know Before Buying One

Pothos, also known as the Devils Ivy, is an easy-care plant that produces new growth quickly with the right care.

Meet the Pothos, a resilient and easy-care tropical houseplant!

pothos plant

The pothos is a favorite for many—there’s even a reason it’s commonly referred to as “the devil’s vine,” though most of us would probably like to think of it as a friendlier alternative. Pothos is easy to grow and doesn’t need much attention from its owner. Plus, this plant can be useful in the home in more ways than one.

You can train Pothos to grow in any direction you choose—whether you want them trailing down from the pot, vining along the wall, or climbing up and around shelves.

Here are the top 3 tips to keep your Pothos plant happy and healthy:


Place your Pothos in bright, indirect light, however they will tolerate lower-light. Avoid direct, intense sunlight.


Leaf Maintenance

Prune your Pothos regularly. Older leaves will turn yellow, remove these leaves as they age to allow the plant to send its energy to new growth. Spray the leaves to create some humidity, and for some extra plant love you can wipe the leaves gently with a microfiber cloth.


Allow the soil to dry between watering. Typically this is every 1-2 weeks. In lower light, Pothos will require less water. If you see the leaves wilting, gently increase the frequency of watering.


watering pothos

So if you’re a plant lover, maybe give pothos a try. If for no other reason because it is easy to take care of. Then again, it’s just one of many plants that fit this description. The point is there are lots of plants out there to choose from and you’re sure to find one that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Go with something you know you can care for instead of getting the latest “trendy” plant. You may be happier in the end!

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