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The Plant of Luck and Abundance: How to Care for Your Money Tree

The Plant of Luck and Abundance: How to Care for Your Money Tree

Pachira aquatica, also known as The Money Tree, is an easy-care tropical plant that is considered to bring financial abundance and good luck to your space.

Native to Central and Southern Americas, these houseplants have distinct braided trunks and green shiny leaves that brighten up the home or office. In the wild, these trees grow up to 60 feet! As houseplants, they will only grow to 6-8 feet.

Fun fact: The Money Tree is not toxic for pets! View five other pet-safe plants here.

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Money Tree Styling

Use this simple care guide for your Money Tree:


Money Trees thrive in bright indirect sunlight, and can tolerate low light environments. Avoid direct, intense sunlight to prevent the leaves from burning.

Humidity and Temperature

Mimic their natural climate that they thrive in with a humidifier or close to the bathroom where the shower steam can support their growth. Mist the leaves throughout the week to add humidity. Keep the plant in warm conditions between 18-25°C. If the leaves begin to brown, you may need to increase the humidity in your space. 


Once the top 1 inch of the soil has dried out, water deeply until the water drips out of the drainage holes in the pot. Ensure the pot is filled with well-draining soil and has drainage holes to prevent root rot. The Money Tree likes infrequent but thorough watering.

Extra Care

Avoid moving your Money Tree if possible. They like to stay in one spot, and are sensitive to change. If you need to move it to a new spot or are bringing a new one into your home, it may drop some leaves. Don't worry! The plant will need some time to adjust to its new environment. Rotate the plant between watering so all of the leaves can get the sunlight they love.

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Money Tree Leaves


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