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Inch Plant (Tradescantia Zebrina) Care Guide

Tradescantia zebrina, known as the Inch Plant or Wandering Dude, is a versatile and easy-care addition to your plant collection. Here's a simple care guide for a happy plant!

The Inch Plant or Wandering Dude (Tradescantia Zebrina) is a lovely bush plant with leaves that are green, purple, and white. She's fairly easy to care for as long as there's enough light and regular pruning. Her distinct leaf pattern isn't the only unique feature, she produces flowers that have 3 petals that are white or violet.

The nicknames come from its fast and wild-looking growth and easy propagation.

Inch Plant

Here’s a simple care guide to help your Inch Plant thrive


Make sure that your Inch Plant gets plenty of bright, indirect light. Too little light causes those signature zebra-like stripes to look dull and eventually fade! But when that happens, do not worry, simply provide her more light and she should bounce back. That's how hardy she is!


If you’re a forgetful plant parent, this baby might get sad. 

She prefers consistently moist soil, so don’t go too long between waterings. Water when the top inch of soil is dry.

Temperature and Humidity

She loves humidity so keep by the bathroom or a humidifier. If you notice browning leaves, increase the humidity or mist more frequently..

How to prune your Inch Plant

She can become leggy without regular grooming. Like any good barber, you should keep it trimmed to maximize its appearance and health. 

Snip any vines that are missing leaves or getting too long, and pinch back the tips of vines at a node to encourage a bushier growth habit (two new stems will grow from the end).

Don’t forget: frequent trimming and pinching back will also help the plant produce more flowers. 

How to grow more Inch Plant

When you’re done grooming your Inch plant, make sure not to throw those stems away as you can use them to grow more plants! 

Place them in a container of potting soil or a glass of water. Provide bright, indirect light and within several weeks, and just like that, new roots will form like magic!

Ready to add this beauty to your collection?