How to Grow a Rubber Plant How to Grow a Rubber Plant

How to Grow a Rubber Plant

Grow a healthy and thriving Ficus Elastia with these tips!

Meet Ficus elastia, also known as the Rubber Plant or Rubber Fig. The thick glossy leaves and quick growth make this a staple piece for your home. Care for these tropical plants is simple, however they are quite specific in what they need to thrive. 

Paying attention is key, and as you get to know your Rubber Plant, you may notice patterns as they tell you what they need. 

Here are tips for growing a happy Rubber Plant


Bright indirect light to direct sun. These beauties love to soak in the light!

Temperature and Humidity

Keep a relatively warm (18-28℃) space during the day and no colder than 15℃ at night. Ficus plants are sensitive to cold drafts and will let you know they’re unhappy by browning, yellowing or dropping leaves. They like humidity, so consider keeping by a humidifier or by the bathroom.


Water when the top 2 inches of soil is dry to touch. Pay attention to the moisture in the soil, as they do not drought well. 


Use a well draining potting soil in a pot with drainage holes. You may notice the soil decreasing in the potFicus plant consume the soil. Top up your pot with soil to cover the roots as needed. Fertilize in the growing season (but keep the fertilizer diluted in water since Ficus grows so quickly). 


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