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Alocasia Calidora (Elephant Ear Plant) Care Guide

Alocasia Calidora (Elephant Ear Plant) Care Guide

Alocasia Calidora, also known as the Elephant ear plant, is a large and in charge tropical beauty. They get their name from the massive heart-shaped leaves that resemble an elephant ear!

They are quick growing, big, hardy and easy to care for. 

Check out these tips for your Alocasia Calidor:


Bright indirect light. Avoid intense direct sunlight!


Keep the soil moist but not soaked in a pot with drainage holes and well draining soil. Water when the top 1 inch of soil is dry to the touch. 

Humidity and Temperature

The Elephant ear plant loves humidity, consider keeping by the bathroom or a humidifier. Keep the space at a comfortably warm temperature. 


Use a well-draining soil, with the option to mix in peat moss and perlite.


A perfect staple plant for your home or office that is sure to bring you, and anyone who visits your space, joy. Add the Elephant Ear Plant to your collection here.


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