Birkin Birkin

Birkin Philodendron Care Guide

With their thick, dark green leaves, and white variegation, the Philodendron Birkin is an easy variation that makes a great addition to your plant collection. Check out this care guide!

Birkin philodendron is a gorgeous up-and-coming houseplant, marked by round, dark green leaves, and white variegation. Philodendrons are from the Aracae family, and the Birkin is an easy variation that makes a great addition to your plant collection.


They grow slowly, and with the right care, will continue to grow eye catching leaves to brighten up your space.


No two leaves will have the same pattern. You will notice new leaves growing white, and as they age, will change into a darker green. Take note of the gorgeous variety as this tropical grows!

Birkin Philodendron plant

Here is a care guide to grow and maintain your Birkin philodendron 


Bright indirect light. Avoid low-light as it will cause stunted growth and faded colour. Also avoid intense direct sunlight so the leaves don’t burn.


Birkin philodendron is resilient when it comes to watering. Typically, once per week will be perfect. Keep the soil moist, and water when the top 1-2 inches of the soil has dried to the touch. They thrive with regular monthly fertilizing in the growing season and liquid fertilizer mixed in with their watering is an easy way to give them nutrients to grow.

If you see the leaves yellowing, it may be a sign of overwatering. 


Use well-draining soil, with the option to add perlite and peat moss to the mixture. Ensure your pot has drainage holes and remove any excess water that runs out of the pot.

Humidity and Temperature

This tropical plant loves high humidity. If your environment has particularly dry air, boost humidity by grouping your philodendron with other houseplants. Keep by a humidifier or the bathroom, and mist your plant regularly. If the leaves are browning or turning dry, increase the humidity or move to a more humid area. 

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