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Zebra Vine Plant

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Plant Size Guide (❔)
Plant & Pot Size Guide

Houseplant Size Guide

By default, all our houseplants come in recyclable nursery pots. Whenever we say 'Plant Size' we are referring to the diameter of the bareroot soil.


Choosing the Right Decorative Pot

When it comes to choosing the right decorative pots, the general rule of thumb is to select pots sized between 0.75 - 1.5 inches more than plant size (diameter). This ensures that the roots have enough room to grow for atleast a few months after which you may need to repot into a bigger pot.


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The Lipstick Vine is really popular for a reason and looks fantastic in a hanging basket display or in a plant hanger in a number of places around your home. By increasing the brightness and humidity the growth will speed up, but otherwise, it’s a steady plant to look after with minimal effort.

Plant Size

6 inch standard plastic hanging basket.


Ideally, moderate indirect filtered light. Protect from the harsh sun which can scorch the foliage and cause wilting.


Water when the top layer of potting mix has dried out. If placed in a brighter position, your Lipstick Vine will require more watering. Don’t let the compost dry out too much and be sure not to overwater in winter. Use water at room temperature so as not to shock the roots and don’t allow the plant to sit in water.

Plant Specific Care

Humidity: Moderate to high humidity will be beneficial and promote healthy growth and blooms.

Temperature: Aeschynanthus will enjoy temperatures of 16-25°C, try to avoid sudden drops in temperature and be wary of draughts and open windows. If in a window, be aware of cooler nighttime temperatures.

Soil: A free-draining organic potting mix with added perlite and orchid bark mixed in will be ideal for this plant, allowing breathability for the roots.

Fertilizer: Your lipstick plant lies to be fertilized once a month during the growing season (Spring and Summer). Use a balanced fertilizer at half the recommended dilution level for this plant. If the potting medium is particularly dry, water lightly before feeding to avoid fertilizer burning the roots. 

Pet-Friendly Plant


This is a Plastic Negative Product

This means for every ounce of plastic in this product, we’ll remove twice that amount from oceans & landfills.

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