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White Rabbit’s Foot Fern

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White Rabbit’s Foot Fern, is a creeping evergreen fern that produces fuzzy white rhizomes growing close to the surface. Forms a dense, irregularly shaped mound over time.

Plant Size

4 inch comes in a plastic nursery pot. 

8 inch plastic Hanging Basket.


Provide indirect bright light - avoiding direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will scorch the leaves and turn the rhizomes brown, especially with low humidity levels. A small amount of sun (not midday sun) will not cause too much harm and can encourage plant health, but it's a bit risky with this fern.


During spring and summer try and keep the soil moist at all times, without leaving the soil soaked. This species only has small roots so it's taking most of its water and nutrients from the topsoil and storing them within its rhizomes.

Plant Specific Care

Humidity: Moderate humidity. Hot, dry air will cause frond tips to turn brown. Trim off brown leaf tips and raise humidity around it. Use a cool-mist room humidifier or place the pot on a tray of wet pebbles. This fern also loves to be misted.

Temperature: Average room temperatures 60-75°F / 16-24°C spring through fall. In winter, keep it on the cool side with a minimum of 55°F/13°C.

Soil: Any good potting mix that drains well.

Fertilizer: Feed monthly spring through fall with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half.

Pet-Friendly Plant


This is a Plastic Negative Product

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