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Tillandsia Usneoides (Spanish Moss)

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Tillandsia Usneoides, also called "Spanish Moss" is a unique air plant! It has no roots, and absorbs all the moisture and nutrients they need through specialized scales on their stringy leaves. They are grown indoors as accents on driftwood, rocks or other decorative items. 

Plant Size

Large: 12 - 18 inches


Bright light for most of the day. They can tolerate direct sunlight.


Spray her with water at least twice weekly. Cover the entire plant. Use less water next time if it doesn't dry within four hours.

Plant Specific Care

Maintain temperatures close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in spring, summer and fall. Reduce temperatures to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to encourage the plant to take a rest break. Reposition her as necessary to accommodate new growth. Hold her in place with pins, glue or floral wire.

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