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Staghorn Fern

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This unusual fern is a gorgeous addition to your indoor plant collection, with eye-catching antler shaped fronds that create dramatic shapes and draping. Often used as a hanging plant, this fern is versatile and can be potted up for a desk or table as well. Definitely unique!

Plant Size

6 inch standard plastic pot.


This fern likes bright indirect light, as it's used to having sun filtered through tree canopies. Use a sheer curtain or blinds to keep the direct sunbeams from damaging its fronds, allowing it to get 4-7 hours of light. The Staghorn Fern does not tolerate low light locations very well and will slowly decline in health, so during winter months, you may have to move your plant to a sunnier location or closer to the window.


Let your Staghorn Fern's soil dry out slightly between waterings, without getting completely parched. Make sure to use well-draining soil so that the roots can breathe and aren't standing in water. This fern also absorbs water through its fronds, so misting the plant every day or two will also help to keep it hydrated!

Plant Specific Care

Temperature: This fern will do fine in average household temperatures, as long as they do not go below 10'C (50'F). The Staghorn plant does not like being cold as it is used to warm rainforests.

Fertilizer: To feed your Staghorn Fern, use a balanced 20-20-20 fertilizer at half strength every watering. This helps the plant get enough nutrients to continue to grow its impressive fronds!

Pet Friendly Plant


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