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Night Blooming Jasmine

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Night-blooming jasmine, commonly known as night-blooming jessamine, or lady-of-the-night (Cestrum nocturnum), is grown for its alluring scent and fascinating blooming habits. She is an evergreen bush closely related to nightshade. You can expect her to reach four to 13 feet tall! 

Plant Size

3.5 inch standard plastic nursery pot. 


    It does well in partial to full sun but is sensitive to temperature extremes, so place it in a location filtered from intense sun and protected from damaging freezes, if necessary.


    Before night-blooming jasmine is well established, it needs deep, weekly watering – though beware of soggy or excessively salty soil conditions. If the weather is hot, or if you have a potted plant, check each day for dry soil, and then water accordingly.

    Plant Specific Care

    Prune annually, before or after blooming is finished between spring and fall. Potted plants may be pruned more often when not in bloom to maintain their shape. Night-blooming jasmine in a container will require repotting every two to three years so it doesn't become root-bound. The plant doesn’t require much feeding; once a year in early spring is sufficient. Keep in mind that feeding it too much nitrogen can cause over-salty soil and impede the plant's growth.

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