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Schefflera Arboricola

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Dwarf umbrella tree ( Schefflera arboricola ) is an evergreen, multi-stemmed shrub native to China. It is commonly grown as a houseplant or a garden plant in milder climates for its decorative palmately compound leaves. The leaves contain calcium oxalates, which damage internal organs when ingested. It shouldn't be confused with the Australian umbrella tree, Schefflera actinophylla.

Pot Size

4" standard plastic nursery pot.


Partial sun to partial shade.


Once a week or when the top 1.2 inch of soil has dried out. Water thoroughly until the soil is saturated and excess water is fully drained from the drain hole.

Plant Specific Care

Dwarf umbrella tree grows well in an environment with high humidity and sufficient water in the soil. It needs more water in summer and should be watered once a day to keep the soil moist. Spray the foliage with water when the plant is dry; increase the ambient humidity. During spring and fall, water every 3-4 days.

Reduce water during winter, because the plant grows slowly in winter and does not need much water. If a serious drought occurs, the leaves lose color or wilt. First, spray the leaves, then thoroughly water the plant. It should gradually return to normal.

Dwarf umbrella tree needs sufficient sunlight, or its leaves may turn yellow and fall off. Whether indoors or outdoors, a partially shaded environment is ideal. It grows well if getting enough light for 3-4 hours a day. Also, if the soil is too dry or too wet, the same symptoms may appear. Gently knock on the flowerpot; if it makes a dull sound, the amount of water is right. Water more frequently in summer.


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