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Hoya Retusa

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If you set eyes on a Hoya Retusa for the first time, you would never think it belonged to the Hoya family and specifically the Magnoliopsida class according to

Even though Hoyas do offer an incredible variety of plant looks, the Hoya Retusa still stands out with it’s flat, narrow awkward foliage that barely looks like leaves.

These plants also flower like most Hoyas, baring the particularity of it flowering in singles instead of bunches like its cousins.

The flowers have a classic star-shaped creamy and pink look with a lemon-like scent.

Since it is native to India and is a tropical plant, it dislikes big temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight and will bloom best at low temperatures.

It is actually a quite low maintenance hardy plant.

You can place it pretty much anywhere in the home and it can be grown either in a pot, a hanging basket, or even trained up a trellis with a little effort and persistence.

Let’s get into the care and issues you might run into when caring for a Hoya Retusa.

Pot Size

8" hanging basket 


Hoya Retusa likes bright indirect light but will do well in lower light conditions. Most importantly avoid bright direct sunlight that will cause sunburns. A south or west-facing window will both be fine, but try to put it farther away from a window if you get a lot of light coming from it.

When you are growing it in a hanging basket make sure the sun reaches the top of the plant too.


You should water your Hoya Retusa when the top three to four inches of soil is completely dry. If you stick your finger in the soil it should come out clean and dry.

When in doubt hold off for one more day as it is easier to overwater than underwater, especially with Hoyas and especially if you like loving on your plants a little too much.

Less is more is the perfect mantra for watering. Once or twice a week during a hot summer will be enough.

When you do water do it modestly, just so you get the soil evenly moist but not soggy, and try to avoid getting the leaves wet.

During the winter your Hoya Retusa will need less water. Once a week or even less, depending on the size of the pot and permeability of the soil mix.

It is important to use room temperature water that is not heavy in minerals so ideally water your Hoya Retusa with distilled or aquarium water. If you do not have these tap water will do but let it sit at least overnight to get it to room temperature and so the minerals settle on the bottom.

Plant Specific Care

Hoya Retusa like lower temperatures- They dislike major fluctuations that might put them into shock, but they do flower best at temperatures around 50 degrees F (10 degrees Celsius) at night.

For it to thrive you should achieve a consistent temperature somewhere between 50 and 80 degrees F (10-27 degrees Celsius) or else the plant will not do very well. You will notice shriveling and brown leaves that will alert you that your plant is too cold.

Stunted growth and no blooms are a sign of temperatures being too high. Make sure your Hoya Retusa is placed far away from any drafts, air conditioners, radiators, and other sources of cold air or heat for the best results.

If you experience cold winters make sure you move it away from your windows to a warmer spot, as windowsills can get very cold in the winter.

As a tropical plant, Hoya Retusa loves humidity but like most Hoyas, it will do well in regular 40% indoor humidity.

If you do notice crispy leaf edges or browning, try increasing the humidity a little with regular fine misting, a humidity mat, or a humidifier.

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