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Ficus Repens

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Ficus Repens is a sought-after plant because of the beautiful white variegation the leaves have. One of the smallest members of the ficus family, this plant puts out long sprawling vines. As a houseplant, it is easy to care for and can be a great way to add tons of two-tone green/white to your home!

Plant Size

Small: 4 inch standard nursery pot


    Avoid direct sunlight and provide a brightly lit setting. It will also tolerate low lighting conditions.


    When you water the plant give it a thorough watering until water seeps through the bottom (during spring and summer) of the container and allows the soil to stay slightly moist. After giving the plant a thorough watering remove excess water from the tray under the container to prevent causing root rot. During the winter water much less without soaking the soil.

    Plant Specific Care

    Most well-draining and aerated potting soil mixes will suffice. The creeping fig does like to be pot-bound to a certain degree. However, it likes to spread its roots just like it does outdoors and in its natural habitat, so you are best to re-pot it every two years and cut back roots which are outside the main root section. If you're increasing the pot size and want the plant to grow more you do not need to cut back any roots. Cutting back roots should be done during spring when pruning is done.  Dilute a liquid fertilizer and feed once a month during spring and summer.

    Pet-Friendly Plant


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