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Fern Silver Lace

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With its delicate, silvery-green leaves and compact growth habit, silver lace fern (Pteris ensiformis "Evergemiensis") is an attractive ornamental perennial that can brighten up an indoor window ledge or an outdoor border in the tropics. Also known as sword brake fern, silver lace fern is fairly easy to maintain and care for once you provide the plant with the proper cultural conditions.

Plant Size

6 inch standard plastic nursery pot. 


    Choose a location for the silver lace fern with partial sunlight or partial shade, such as a north-facing windowsill. Avoid direct, blazing sunlight, which will quickly dry out the fern.


    Water the silver lace fern whenever the soil surface starts to feel dry. Water deeply, until water drips through the bottom of the container, and empty the excess from the tray after a couple of minutes. Although the soil should never become bone dry, consistently wet or waterlogged soil may lead to root rot and other diseases. Opt for lukewarm or room-temperature water, as cold water can injure the tropical plant's roots. Keep the soil for outdoor ferns moist but not sopping wet.

    Plant Specific Care

    Plant the fern in a porous, well-draining potting soil, such as a peat moss-based house plant soil. For ferns in containers, choose a pot with a hole in the bottom for drainage. From April to September, fertilize monthly with a balanced, liquid houseplant fertilizer, mixing seven drops of fertilizer per quart of water. Clemson Cooperative Extension recommends not fertilizing newly purchased ferns or transplanted ferns for the first six months. Excessive fertilization can lead to brown, wilted fronds. Do not fertilize from October to March. Grow outdoor ferns in loamy soils that are moist but drain well and range from neutral to acidic.

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