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Coffee Plant

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The Coffee Plant (yes, the plant that produces that beautiful caffeinated beverage) makes a great easy-care houseplant for beginners and experienced green thumbs alike! A small potted coffee plant makes a beautiful addition to your home decor with deep green leaves that have a beautiful texture.

 First things first, you won’t be harvesting your morning cup of joe from this houseplant, unfortunately. It takes a few years (up to 3-5) for a Coffee Plant to grow mature enough to produce flowers, and conditions need to be optimal for the development of the berries. If your plant is really happy, you can pollinate its flowers by hand and you might get a few beans! 

Pot Size

4" standard plastic nursery pot. 


    Coffee Plants love bright light, but not direct sun. Keep them near a sunny window for best results!


    Coffee plants need watered regularly and will droop when they are under-watered and in need of a drink. They perk right back up within a few hours (just like you when you get a coffee after lunch)!

    Keep the soil moist but don’t let the roots sit in water. After watering, dump any excess out of the pot to make sure the roots don’t get waterlogged. Coffee plants also enjoy a humid environment so you may benefit from a humidifier or humidity tray to help keep them thriving.

    Plant Specific Care

    Coffee Plants can grow several feet tall at their fullest height, so regular fertilizing and repotting can help your Coffee Plant manage healthy growth! Fertilize with a balanced houseplant fertilizer every 2-3 months in warmer seasons. Don’t fertilize in the fall and winter while the plant is resting.

    Keep it warm! Coffee Plants are tropical plants that like to stay warm and humid, so they need to stay above 65F. Keep them away from drafts and consistent cold temps.

    Pet-Friendly Plant


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