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Bundle of 3 Rare Succulents

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Plant Size Guide (❔)
Plant & Pot Size Guide

Houseplant Size Guide

By default, all our houseplants come in recyclable nursery pots. Whenever we say 'Plant Size' we are referring to the diameter of the bareroot soil.


Choosing the Right Decorative Pot

When it comes to choosing the right decorative pots, the general rule of thumb is to select pots sized between 0.75 - 1.5 inches more than plant size (diameter). This ensures that the roots have enough room to grow for atleast a few months after which you may need to repot into a bigger pot.


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Bundle includes:

One Split rock (Pleiospilos Nelii) is an excellent example of nature evolving in beautiful ways. To protect itself from predators, this egg-shaped mimicry evolved to look like a rock. Treat this lovely right and you'll see stunning tangerine and white blossoms. Once bloomed, these flowers have a coconut-like aroma. Notice small specks on its leaves? Those are tiny portals that allow sunlight to enter and photosynthesis to occur.

One Truncate Living Stone (Lithops Pseudotruncatella) is a succulent species native to southern Africa. Truncate living stone is valued for its stone-like appearance and cultivated as a houseplant. This species was the first in its genus to be introduced in Europe. It is considered low-maintenance and easy to grow as a houseplant because it requires little watering.

One Concrete Leaf (Titanopsis Calcarea) is a mat-forming succulent found in South Africa's Western Cape province. The concrete leaf is valued as an ornamental plant for its growth in a rosette pattern. This species is also commonly called the jewel plant. Concrete leaf flowers smell like honey and are only open in the evenings. It grows best in pots in well-drained, gritty mineral soil.

Plant Size

3 succulents in total, all succulents are in 2 inch recyclable plastic nursery pots.


As much sun as possible.


Water thoroughly until the soil is saturated and excess water is fully drained from the drain hole. Allow the soil to dry between waterings.

Plant Specific Care

The top layer of soil can be normal or decorative. The soil should be loose and well-draining. If the bottom layer of soil is left wet rotting can occur leading to rotting. When transplanting, do not water for the first week.

Pet-Friendly Plant


This is a Plastic Negative Product

This means for every ounce of plastic in this product, we’ll remove twice that amount from oceans & landfills.

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